Dynamite Dan vs Dynamite Dan II (ZX) - Which Is The Better Game?

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Dynamite Dan vs Dynamite Dan II (ZX) - Which Is The Better Game?

Postby Zeusdaz » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:56 pm

Welcome to the September 2016 edition of Which Is Best?
Last month I placed three Amiga top down racers, Nitro, Super Cars II and Overlander.
Overlander finished way in 3rd place but what a fight it was between Nitro an SCII, after SCII stormed ahead in the first week, Nitro started to gain It's following and started to pull back.
After carefully counting the votes on the main youtube vid and the forums, the end result was NITRO had won this competition by just 1 vote!,...what a great head to head that proved, I really thought the way it was going SCII was going to win but it was pipped at the post in the end by Nitro.
Final results:
Nitro = 17 votes, Super Cars II = 16 votes, Overlander = 4 votes.

This time round I place the two Dynamite Dan games head to head on the ZX Spectrum, these were two classic and beautifully written platform games with comical elements and crazy whacky creatures, all beautifully animated.
I've upload approx 6mins of each game, I also will apologise for the buzzing during the DDII footage, this was recorded before I had my 128k+1 audio modified and I had a real shitty scart lead at the time, now I have an incredible scart lead and all my games are buzz free :D
Anyway, so which is the best game?!,...once again only you will decide that :)
Happy voting!!! :thumbs:
Please note: I have used the 128k sound version for Dan II.


All the best, Zeus.

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