Picade - Arcade style machine with STEem

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Picade - Arcade style machine with STEem

Postby STFormatJez » Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:57 pm

Hey, if you're into retro gaming in general, here's a couple of vids I made about the 'arcade' style Picade machine from Pimoroni. I got mine through Kickstarter but I think they have them available from their website now (though looks like they're currently OoS). It's designed for the Pi but I put a mini ITX board in mine for the grunt to run some of the MAME arcade games.

Anyway, the ST features heavily, obviously. If you're at a loose end, check it/them out.



I've since added the new (and awesome) versions of Pacmania & Pole Position to it (and the new Steem PASTI DLL to avoid the startup confirmation message), so may complete the video trilogy in the near future.

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