Atari flashback console

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Atari flashback console

Postby emmaj101 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:09 pm

Hi - any help anyone is able to offer will be gratefully received.
We brought our son one of the Atari flashback 6 games consoles for Xmas as it states it's just "plug and play" unfortunately not on my sons telly! He has a relatively new tv which is a tv DVD combo, it isn't connected to any free view or anything as he just watches dvds on it anyway the connections on the back of the Atari (yellow and white connections) do not match anything on the back of his tv :( one unhappy son with no Xmas present to use, is anyone please able to advise what connections I need to buy to make this work, and does it make any difference that the tv isn't tuned etc ..... help

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Re: Atari flashback console

Postby darwinmac » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:51 am

I do not have the flashback console but, from your description, they would be RCA cables. Does your son's TV have any plugs marked as AV? They could be on the front, side, or rear of the TV. On any modern TV, they will be marked as AV. In the US, where I live, some TVs still have AV ports in order to support attaching an old VCR.

If your son's TV only has an HDMI connection, I think any converter would cost much more than you paid for the Flashback.

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