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Final game (2020 version) download link here
January 16, 2021
Marcer Jungle Boy
Very close to 8bit Jungle Hunt
January 7, 2021
muguk H.A.T.E
The conversion of the classic ZX Spectrum game by Costa Panyai.
December 27, 2020
muguk D Day
One of the few games released which had left all of the debugger symbols inside the main program.
December 24, 2020
Stainless Lazer Bikes
Ty Marcer. I have fond memories of playing this with my friends, who I've also lost contact with as I moved to England.

FYI, The font/text code is the same one I used under the alias Duckula on Cynix disks.
December 22, 2020
Marcer Lazer Bikes
Nice to see you here!
just added the game for you.

December 21, 2020
Stainless Lazer Bikes
I wrote this game!
I didn't think copies of it made it far from my small circle of friends in Edinburgh. If anyone has a copy of this please contact me as I lost it when my house was burgled and all my ST stuff was stolen.
December 21, 2020
LynXX Blood Money
I must have had a demo of some sorts, because there was only the submarine level and I never realized until recently that other vehicles were available!
December 20, 2020
Brume Toop
Very addictive game! Disk can be downloaded for free here:
December 13, 2020
The game and its source can be downloaded here: https://github.com/sporniket/sporny-wrecking-ball
December 13, 2020


Screenshot of Titus The Fox - To Marrakech and Back
Random review

The release of Titus the Fox is also a bit of a confusing one. I remember my friend, who had a 386 PC back in the day, coming up to me during lunchbreak at school, telling me about this new cool platformer he acquired called Moktar. I never heard of it, but decided that, after schoolbell rings, I would go check it out at his home. When I saw the game, I couldn't believe my eyes. This was exactly like the screenshots of Titus the Fox I saw in my magazine. Even the title screen was completely the same apart from the depiction of the main character. And it was kinda fun to play as well...even on a PC ... without soundblaster ... and with keyboard (for crying out loud).

December 18, 2017 by ST Graveyard


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