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Can't believe I let this pass me by back in the day, incredible graphics, great sound and very playable. One of the best 16bit tennis games.
January 21, 2023
AtariCrypt Sword Of Kadash
I'm after a version of this game with a trainer... I know what I've asked is RPG blasphemy but I've gotten really far yet alas my skills are letting me down! (shocker). Any trained versions out there? I've found none... :/
January 3, 2023
AtariCrypt D Day
D-Day is a shockingly badly programmed game. Makes my ST perform like an old calculator!

However, there are some going elements to the game and I really liked it. (however, Bomb and Paratrooper are terrible).

Well, must have liked, cos I've bought the game (I'm mad)
December 19, 2022
AtariCrypt HeroQuest
One of the best ST games I've played
December 15, 2022
AtariCrypt Clod Hopper
One smooth platformer this with an obvious design & look. Try it. Really playable but reqs a trainer as the screens get tough real quick!
Love it
December 5, 2022
mwaawm Volfied
Gaming perfection almost as much fun to watch others play as it was to play yourself (was a bit of a spectator sport in our house). We played in hard mode as it was so much fun didn't want complete it too soon. I still vividly recall my incredible run to beat the last boss on my last life.
October 21, 2022
mwaawm Toki
A fantastic conversion from the arcade to the st, would say its probably the best arcade conversion on the machine and still very enjoyable to play today.
October 21, 2022
mwaawm Blood Money
Absolutely loved this back in the day, couldn't believe the graphics seemed like you had triple the usual number of colours on screen. Had great music and whilst gameplay was hard it was still very enjoyable.
October 21, 2022
MINDTHREAT Marble Madness
Marble Madness for the Atari ST looks beautiful but if you’ve played the NES version before, prepare to be slightly let down.

That’s not to say this conversion isn’t a good one, it’s just not as good as it could have been. The controls do not feel nearly as tight as they do on the NES. Also, there seems to be some oddness to the hit detection of the ball around the edges while guiding down narrow strips. Part of that could lend back to the controls however.

The music is good but the NES remains to be a preference all around. The thought, detail and care that went into the packaging with backstory of this game is probably the coolest I’ve ever seen. In the end, it’s cool to say we got Marble Madness for our Atari computers.
October 20, 2022
Zany Golf is exactly that… Zany!

Things start off straight forward enough but increase in difficulty quickly. Sadly there is some jerkiness to the screen updating on a real Atari STe, I’m not sure if it’s due to the 8Mhz processor or what exactly, but feel like the machine is capable of pulling off a much smoother experience.

The graphics are above par and for a 2022 review, I feel they’re still surprisingly nice! A lot of attention to detail went into this game and it shows beautiful on screen.

The music is sparse. It starts with a little tune or jingle but doesn’t seem to loop or continue playing leaving you with a void of sound outside of FX of the ball movement.

Overall gameplay is decent. Wasn’t expecting more, wasn’t expecting less but did expect it to be a lot smoother than it is. In the end, still a cool putt putt game to check out for your Atari ST!
October 18, 2022


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