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Let's take a history class and delve deep into the past of Atari Legend. Or maybe you are curious and want to take a peak at what is still to come? Who are the people behind this project? Or maybe you feel like helping out? Check out this section. More

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Terry Mancey, creator of Steg the Slug, interviewed

July 7, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image A new interview with Terry Mancey, creator of such titles as Steg The Slug and Dizzy Panic, has been added in the database. Enjoy the read.

Interview with Cédric Bourse, the creator of Escape 2042

July 3, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image An exciting new update for you all. Cédric Bourse (aka Orion_) was so kind to share some words with us and talk about his latest release Escape 2042. Enjoy the full interview.

Interview with Tord Jansson

June 28, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image It is with great pleasure, and even a little bit of pride, that I'm doing the following announcement. We were able to talk with Tord Jansson. Tord was one of the members of the Swedish software company Unique Developments. He has given us a lot of history and details on the company that pushed the boundaries of the ST with games like Obsession and Substation. I'm sure a lot of people are gonna love this.

A very big thank you to Tord for sharing this wealth of information with the scene.

Escape 2042 - The Truth Defenders released on the STe

June 24, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image This week, a new game by Orion_ was released for the Atari STe called Escape 2042. It is well worth the 5 Euro asking price. The game can be bought here. Make sure to read our in-depth review.

A big thank you to Orion_ for making this happen. Best of luck with the sales!

New interview with Nick Harper

June 1, 2018 by ST Graveyard

A new interview with the creator of the game Ozone has been added to our ever growing database. Meet Nick Harper! Enjoy the interview.

The new 'article' section is online

May 17, 2018 by ST Graveyard

Hello everybody,

After quite awhile, Atari Legend has finally gotten a new upgrade. We have been working daily. Lot's of stuff has been done on the back-end (which you can check out for yourself when you log in, should you be interested). However, the most noticable change is the new Articles section. I've written a first restoration article. I hope to do more of these things in the future and share my knowledge with those interested.

The next upgrade will be all about games. It will be worth the wait.

Take care.

Screenshot of North & South
Random review

Based on a french comic, this is a simple arcade - strategy game set in the american civil war. Take the lead of the yankees or of the confederates and wipe out your enemy's army, but beware of the indians and keep an eye on the mexican bandits down south...

July 10, 2001 by Lorenzo


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