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A big batch of rare menus on Stonish

July 4, 2019 by Brume

News illustration image This is not directly related to Atari Legend but rather its small sister site, Stonish.net. We are really proud to announce we've recently imaged most of the Supremacy menus, which is probably one of the rarest collections ever made. As great news never comes alone, we've also received many The Deliverance menus, which are really scarce, too.
The Deliverance menus are already on the site. Supremacy disks will be uploaded step by step, one per day during the holidays.
Thanks must be sent to Poliyo Soft, Razaac/Supremacy, AD/MPS, Pump/MPS, Cooper/Paradize, GT Turbo/Cerebral Vortex and Orion/Replicants for their help.
Visit the Stonish website to download all these disks and get more info on this subject.

520 days later

March 5, 2019 by ST Graveyard

520 is a magical number in the world of Atari. Today, exactly 520 days ago, we released the new Atari Legend project. And this calls for celebration. I was hoping to have something nice for you all in store, but lately, we all have been very busy and real life has been getting in the way.

Still, a lot of great stuff happened during the past year and a half. For me personally, the biggest surprise occured in November 2017, a month after the initial release. Nico joined our development team. He has been a big help so far, teaching us how to properly code. We have had the pleasure to work with some great teams as well, releasing nice, new productions. The DB guys have been busy, adding more games and detailed info. And we have had the opportunity to talk to some very interesting people and share this with you all. 10 interviews and 19 reviews were released, which I personally still really enjoy doing. For this year, we have some big plans ahead.

I do hope to at least make some of them reality, so stay tuned. I would like to thank you all for the support. Stay Atari!


Esprits Maths CE1-CE2 volume 1 (Lankhor game)

February 12, 2019 by Brume

News illustration image After a break of a few weeks, we are proud to offer you again a new release: Esprits Maths CE1-CE2 volume 1.

This time it is an educational game signed by the company Lankhor. Sorry for the non-French readers, but this game is so rare that we couldn't miss it.

The awesome fullscreen intro is coded by our friend Dyno, while the logo is designed by our other friend Pandafox. Both are members of Effect, thanks to them for their efforts!

The music is signed by Epic of TMS crew and it's an unpublished track.

More to come very soon!

Download Esprits Maths CE1-CE2 volume 1 [Atari Legend]

The Replicants are back and they have a great gift for you!

December 25, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image As a last gift for Christmas, we are very proud to offer you a new release by... The Replicants! Yes, the famous French team is back, that's not a fake!

So what is the name of the game? The Replicants present Safari Guns, a French game that was never properly cracked. Orion did a fantastic job and he also multi-trained the game. You now have unlimited lives, but also max points per pictures, level selection, etc.
Also please note the game is now working on Atari Falcon, too! Yes, it has been tested on the bird machine and it works like a charm!

As good news never comes alone, their first hack after 25 years is a cross-release: it's signed by our friends of Hemoroids, but also by... Atari Legend! We are very honored to see our name associated with the famous Replicants, indeed.
The great intro has been coded by Kelly X of HMD, while Dieu made the brilliant graphics. Also don't forget the new tune composed by Dma-Sc from sector One. We really hope you'll enjoy the result as we do each time we see this Xmas intro.

Enough spoken! Time to download the game and wish a good comeback to the Replicants! Also don't miss their next release, which is an even more unexpected game.

Download Safari Guns [The Replicants - Atari Legend - Hemoroids]

Final calender release ... or is it?

December 24, 2018 by Marcer

News illustration image We whish you a merry Xmas with a nice package with Goodies for ya...We have following goodies in store :
- Willy The Kid - Damn rare title digged up by brume
- Jack Nicklaus Golf Data Disk 5 - found in the mass but not released
- Tank Game (Engine) - Found in a private collection and never released for the public before
- Bentley Bear General Store - Mono Version - Who even cared about this game? So who even tried to find it? well...Marcer did! I'm not sure who will enjoy it... collectors maybe :-)
- Blade Runner - Demo Version of a Game engine. (Pretty neat code here. I (Marcer) have the code if somebody wants it.. STOS(!). very promising stuff.)

Enjoy and download it here.

Midway Battles: another rare game for your pleasure only.

December 23, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image Just one day before xmas eve, here is another release. This time we offer you a rare game named Midway Battles published by TDC Distributors. Game was officially ported from 8 bit machines, but wasn't spread very well. Until now.

The great intro was coded by Tronic of Elite with setup routines by Bod of Effect.

Please note you'll need TOS 1.0 or EmuTOS to run the game.

Enjoy and download it here.

Screenshot of Goldrunner
Random review

This game features some awesome graphics and animation. First of, the landscapes are nicely detailed. Everything runs very fast and smoothly. And take a closer look at the goldrunner itself, the way the ship loops when you change direction is just freakin' cool!

November 1, 2001 by ST Graveyard


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