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Hatari v0.50 is out

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Hatari, the famous Atari ST emulator for Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X (and other systems that are supported by the SDL library), has been updated. According to the author, here are the changes:

- A lot of internal code cleanup and bug fixes.
- Added a dialog for creating new blank floppy disk images.
- The source code has been optimized for better emulation speed.
- Added RS232 emulation (still very experimental and not very well tested! It seems not to work reliable yet. Help for debugging is very appreciated!).
- Some bugs in the 68000 emulation have been fixed.
- The emulator now checks for double bus errors and stops the emulation if necessary (instead of crashing the emulator).
- Timer-D is now patched correctly again.
- The old font has been replaced by two new fonts so that the GUI now looks better in high resolutions.
- The fonts are now linked into the executable.
- Added support for DIM floppy disk images

Download latest version of Hatari by visiting the official website.

Grazey's Zak Hacks #34

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Another week, another GZH released! This time it is mainly devoted to the brilliant composer nicknamed Scavenger (Joe De Man). It features also other great musicians, such as Frazer or Dma-SC. Here is what Grazey wrote:

Quality hits new levels with the SID sound master... Scavenger!
66 tunes grace this disk including Chipmon2 zaks never SNDH'-able(?!) before.
The scavenge director is awaiting.
Composers: • Baggio• Drax/Bodenstandig 2000 • Damo • Dma-SC • Dubmood • Frazer • Nemo • Frequent • Techno • Timbral • Scavenger

Enjoy GZH #34 on PHF website!

Overscan Demos for STE

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image The mythic megademo that came back a few months ago is now fully STE compatible. Paulo Simoes has worked again on his fullscreen demos, so every screen can be viewed on STE (the Overscan Demos were previously STF compatible only).

Download Overscan Demos STE compatible (still work on STF, of course).

Blue SoftWare has published issue 100b!

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Looks like The Byte of BSW needs a very short time to release new compilations. That's great! So the last member of BSW and TCE still active on the scene has done yesterday the sequel of the issue published last week.

The compilation contains:
- Lombric (game)
- Tiptronix (game)
- Santafly (game)
- Lost In A Cave (demo)
- Double Juggle Vegatabobble (game)
- Mine-Sweeper
- Things the PC inspires to me (demo)
- various docs

The intro and the graphix have been coded by The Byte and the tune has been composed by 505 of Checkpoint. Finally here comes the time to download BSW DCD disk 100b!

Wolfenstein 3D v0.4

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image One year after the version 0.3, the new edition of Wolfenstein 3D is available on one of the TSCC Websites. Remember the game works on any 16/32 bit Atari Computer (indeed, it runs on a simple 1040 ST!).

New features are:
another faster and less memory consuming c2p, static objects (a major step towards a more complete game engine) and a 256 color title picture (from the apple IIgs version). You can also resize the gamewindow by pressing +/- during the demo to gain some speed on 8 mhz machines.

Visit ray's homepage to grab Wolfenstein 3D v0.4.

Blue SoftWare reaches the 100th number!

July 23, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image As you probably noticed, The Byte of Blue SoftWare (also member of The Chaos Engine, famous for his great CDs) has recently produced some new DCD menus. This time, he is just coming to actually release issue 100a! The disk is mainly PD games oriented and offers both titles by Reservoir Gods and one title by TSCC. It contains the following stuffs:
- Wolfenstein 3D v0.3
- Chu Chu Rocket Lite
- Jet Set Willy
- Godpey
- Docs of Chu Chu Rocket, Godpey, Wolfenstein 3D and full listing of DCD menus.
At last thank to The Byte for still releasing DCD in 2004. We are all now waiting for issue 100b. And maybe more, who knows ;-)

Just one click and download BSW DCD disk 100a!

Screenshot of Football Manager World Cup Edition
Random review

If this was a PD game, it would deserve a 4/10. But this is a commercial game, and it was released at full price, even with its horrible graphics and nonexistent gameplay. I guess it was programmed in a week or so. In other words, I hereby declare "Football Manager: World Cup Edition" the worst ST game ever (IMHO, of course)! Good work, Kevin !

November 9, 2001 by Lorenzo


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