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Wolfenstein 3D v0.4

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image One year after the version 0.3, the new edition of Wolfenstein 3D is available on one of the TSCC Websites. Remember the game works on any 16/32 bit Atari Computer (indeed, it runs on a simple 1040 ST!).

New features are:
another faster and less memory consuming c2p, static objects (a major step towards a more complete game engine) and a 256 color title picture (from the apple IIgs version). You can also resize the gamewindow by pressing +/- during the demo to gain some speed on 8 mhz machines.

Visit ray's homepage to grab Wolfenstein 3D v0.4.

Blue SoftWare reaches the 100th number!

July 23, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image As you probably noticed, The Byte of Blue SoftWare (also member of The Chaos Engine, famous for his great CDs) has recently produced some new DCD menus. This time, he is just coming to actually release issue 100a! The disk is mainly PD games oriented and offers both titles by Reservoir Gods and one title by TSCC. It contains the following stuffs:
- Wolfenstein 3D v0.3
- Chu Chu Rocket Lite
- Jet Set Willy
- Godpey
- Docs of Chu Chu Rocket, Godpey, Wolfenstein 3D and full listing of DCD menus.
At last thank to The Byte for still releasing DCD in 2004. We are all now waiting for issue 100b. And maybe more, who knows ;-)

Just one click and download BSW DCD disk 100a!

A bunch of great tunes with GZH #32 and #33!

July 23, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Grazey of PHF doesn't want to stop his brilliant work. So he is just coming to produce two new disks at the same time, that contains 282 SNDH files! SNDH files are a unified format of ST musics, that can be played with SND Player (ST/Falcon), DeliPlayer (PC), WinJam (PC), Audio Overload (MacOSX).

On both disks you will find following composers:
• 505 • Mate • Stax • Tangens • Tao • Taylor • Tebirod • Techno • Thomas • Tinman • Titan • Tonge • Toodeloo • Tyan • Ultimatum • Viking

More exciting directory is problaby the one with TAO tunes (but also Stax, who composed a lot of great tunes). According to Grazey:
137 marvellous Tao compositions cram this disk. From the tiny 900 byte tunes to the massive 20 minute UMD 8730 epic. Quite a few of these tunes have been modified to fit in with the SNDH standard. Just Buggin tunes all used nasty shadow regs. Tao's sample drum songs also needed to be changed to use other MFP timers.

So don't wait! Grab both disks on the official PHF website.

Blue SoftWare strikes again

July 19, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image After both new releases last week, The Byte of BSW has re-done a new menu! It features 3 demos and 1 game:
- Sound Demo III (by Nato)
- Swedish New Year Demo III (by New Core)
- M-Demo I (by An Cool)
- Squish (PD game by Zigzag Software)

Download BSW DCD version 2 now!

Saint v1.70

July 19, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image According to Leonard, here are the new features of the emulator:

* MFP emulation core totally re-written ! Now support cycle accurate reading ( Overscan Demos by Paulo Simoes )
* "Line disabling" technic emulated ( Overscan demos by Paulo Simoes )
* "StopLine" fixed ( B.I.G demo by TEX low border fixed )
* Fixed STE DAC monos sound bug (quality improved !, try BrainDamage Demo sound!)
* SainT does not take 99% of CPU when running in background in windowed mode.
* Fixed cycle timing when reading in FC00 ( thanks to Paulo Simoes )
* Low border adds now 45 graphics lines instead of 43

We have tested the Overscan Demos, they work fine! Also the music of Braindamage sounds very good, despite of some issues with the display.

Go to Leonard website to get SainT v1.70.

DragonFlight is here!

July 16, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image DragonFlight is a mythic game made by Thalion (the first one!). Until today, it was unplayable with emulator because of the protection used. Also it has never been cracked, so only the lucky owner of the original game could play it.

The game has been finally published on Thalion group! This version has been redone by Udo Fischer, the main coder of the game, also known under the nickname of -me- into the famous crew The EXceptions. Thanks to him! Only both intros seems to be missing (the one with the Thalion logo, and the other with the red dragon). All other parts of the game are here.
DragonFlight now works with Steem 3.1 and 2MB of RAM. Use following instruction to run the game:

How to play this version with Steem:
- install Steem V3.1 or higher (if available)
- use a TOS version 1.04 or higher
- select at least 2 MB memory!
- select colour monitor
- unzip the file to a folder of your name
- mount this folder as drive E: inside of Steem
- select DRAGON_D.PRG (deutsch/german), DRAGON_E.PRG (english) or DRAGON_F.PRG (francais/french) to start playing

. Download [url=../newsattach/Dragonflight]DragonFlight for Steem 3.1[/url] (may work with a real machine).
. Visit Thalion webshrine for more information about the game.
. Discuss on the forum about installation issues and various topics.

Screenshot of Cloud Kingdoms
Random review

This is NOT an easy game. It looks like an improved version of "Quedex", an old 8-bit milestone by Stavros Fasoulas, one of the toughest C64 games ever; you' ll need a great deal of dexterity with your joystick to get at least halfway in the game.

November 24, 2001 by Lorenzo


Did you know?

Did you know that there are some love messages in the TOS ROMs of the ST? In fact you can find the strings "Dave StaUgas loves Bea Hablig" and "JIM LOVES JENEANE" in all TOS ROMs with version number 1.xx and 2.0x!

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