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Latest News

BSW 99 updated

July 16, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image There was a slighty bug with BSW #99 uploaded three days ago: both keys were inverted. Here is an update. Thanks to Lotek Style for having found the issue and TheByte for having corrected it.

Download BSW #99 updated.

Two new menus of Blue SoftWare!

July 13, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Ten years after the last release of BSW DCD #98, two compilations have just coming to be published.
- BSW DCD #80v2 features 10 demos by crews such as Fingerbobs, Synergy and YM Rockerz.
- BSW DCD #99 offers productions by TSCC, MJJ-Prod, YM Rockerz and Paradize. Nothing new but good demos are there!
Thanks to TheByte for releasing these compilations. We all are hoping for the 100th issue ;-)

Grab BSW DCD #80v2 and BSW DCD #99.

Zak Hacks #31 released

July 12, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Looks like Grazey works hard on converting musics into SNDH format. He just comes to release Zak Hack #31. It features 31 Composers, 118 SNDH files and 302 individual tunes. It includes musics by the following people:
• Max • Andi McGinty • Jon Medek • Mephisto • Miq • Modmate • Karsten Obarski • Outlander • Oz • Jason Page • Patrick Phelan • Jurgen Piscol • Powapixel • Donovan Prince • Nigel Prichard • Ralph Rudzki • Redzone • Rhino • Riff • Robert Demming • Dave Rogers • Paul Rowbotham • Sally • Skyline • Scy • Justin Scharvona • Chris Scudds • Andy Severn • Shaft • Paul Shields • Sonic •

Go on PHF Website to download this new archive.

Latest Game Comments

July 1, 2004 by ST Graveyard


It is now possible to check out the latest game comments. Just go to the games section and click the appropriate link at the main page.

Enjoy it

Review section opened!

June 30, 2004 by ST Graveyard

Hello Atari fans,

There were already some rumours on the Atari-Forum, and now it has become reality! The new review section is open for busines. You know our moto "Legends never die" and currently you'll find updated versions of the reviews found on the classic ST Graveyard website. Of course, new material will be written in the future as well. And if you feel like contributing a review, feel free to do so, we'll be happy to put it online.

Enjoy it. And you know where to reach us for comments and suggestions ... Yup ... Atari Forum!


The Corporation compilation: another rare menu disk

June 25, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image There was another bunch of requests on the forum about the french crew named The Corporation. Remember this band is the author of a STE demo (simply named 'The Corporation'). you can find it on PaCidemo or into No Fragments base.
Members of TCR were: Alex, Black Ninja, Godfather, Ludic, Mikou, Nighthawk and Stranger.
Godfather joined MJJ-Prod after TCR splitted up. Mikou was a famous cracker of V-Max, and joined a few years ago MJJ-Prod, too.

So here is the rare [url=../newsattach/TCRMENU.ZIP]TCR compilation[/url]. it features two (not so rare) games: The Light Corridor and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. Thank to MrNours of MJJ-Prod for the disk. If someone find more compilation from this crew, get in touch with us.

Screenshot of Great Giana Sisters, The
Random review

"Great Giana Sisters"...hhhmmm. Let's say that again..."GREAT GIANA SISTERS". Now that's a pretty neat name for a "Super Mario Brothers" rip off, he? "SUPER MARIO BROTHERS". Ok, I think you all get it.

August 13, 2002 by ST Graveyard


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