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Did you know Atari Legend is fully responsive and mobile ready? You want this site to behave like an app on your phone or tablet? Simply open the site in your favorite browser and look for the 'Add to homescreen' button. In Safari on IOS, first press the 'share' icon, than this pop up appears. In Chrome on Android, you press the button at the top right, and select 'add to homescreen'. Once you have done this, the famous Atari bee fits nicely on your homescreen and you can enjoy AL with the tap of a finger.


What do other people think of a certain game? You wanna learn more about a particular game? You came to the right place. Over here you'll find reviews of your favorite ST classics. If you feel inspired and you want to write something yourself, make sure to send your review to the Atari Legend team. And if it fits, we'll be happy to place it online. Enjoy the read! There are currently 124 reviews available in the Atari Legend database.

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Random interview

A few weeks ago, I finally received a very rare menu for the Stonish website: Mad Vision menu #Z. I have been looking for this menu for 15 years, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed since it didn't look as good as the other menu-disks made by Mad Vision. The question remained: Was this menu an authentic one or a fake? I didn't have any contact with old Mad Vision members, only C-Rem, who joined the crew at the end of its lifecycle (long after Mad Vision stopped making menu-disks). With the help of Maartau (Atari Legend) and Orion (Replicants), we managed to trace one of the group's co-founders: Def KLF. He kindly replied to my questions about Mad Vison #Z: even though he didn't remember how it looked, he said this one was probably a fake. But well, I couldn't just leave it with that. This opportunity was perfect to ask him some other questions about Mad Vision. The crew was famous for its menus and cracktros, but also for its diskmags (Amazine) and demos. The first time I heard of Mad Vision was early in 1992, just when they released the great Massive Attack. So it was time to ask Def KLF more details about the team, from its creation to its demise.

March 3, 2018 by Brume


Did you know?

Jack Tramiel bought Atari's home computer and home videogame business in 1984.

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